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this is a store based on rap attributes and other incredible products such as phenomenal gadgets , exclusive clothing lines etc. we are here to make your life much more simpler. As we also promote our own clothing brands

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We offer exclusive items that comes with free world wide shipping.We are a store inspired by young kids doing big,all about what's trending,a new and fresh perspective from young kids doing big and its an affordable,quality providing why settle for LESS??when you can get MORE!!! an affordable price.choose the efficient way to shop for Exclusive brands.

Dream big because dreams are the only reality you have


A group of rappers representing "The Instructables Rap Records".

About Us

Agos AGS Token

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We believe that everyone in this world should be allowed to follow their dreams because dreams are very important due to the fact that this rapstore started as a dream and now it has turned into reality.We opened this store to bring change in peoples lives and to show that no one is bigger than the other because at the end of the day we are all humans.We are very passionate about clothes,jewellery,Gadgets etc and we think it's about time people stopped focusing on the physical because not everything you see in this world is real but our items are very real.


24707 corner calabash and nutmeg street,Protea Glen extension28 Johannesburg 1818 South Africa

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Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours


Open 24 hours